Dusty Washbucket

Sewn on Date

August 6th (Community Tidy Day)

Sewn from

A dishcloth



Dusty Washbucket is a Lalaloopsy character owned by Thenaturals.


This gorgeous girl loves to clean up any spills! She adores helping out with any mess around town, but she’ll clean anything - even if it’s just a speck of dirt! Dusty’s always there to help clean up the town! Her pet is a rat.


Dusty has bright blue hair which is in long ponytails that have grey streaks in. Her eyes are a dark green, but lighter than Mango Tiki Wiki's. She wears green button bows to hold the ponytails, and has medium tan skin. She wears a white shirt with poufy sleeves, blue and green waistcoat, teal belt, yellow skirt, black and white stripe tights and white, green, blue and yellow sneaker shoes.